Here is my work currently on display at the Yonkers Riverfront Library in New York. It’s part of a Dickens Centennial show by the Children’s Book Illustrators Group (, of which I’m a member. For more on the show and our upcoming Mother Goose show, please go to post is from our group blog,

I chose The Old Curiosity Shop, since I like the idea of old curiosities. The first image shows 14-year-old Little Nell in the center, with her grandfather leading the way through the shop where the two live. The man in back has just helped Nell find her way home.

Nell and her grandfather are forced to leave their home because he has lost all their money gambling. Nell goes to work for a traveling wax-works show. Image 2 shows her nervously sharing a room with the wax-works.

The last image shows the evil Quilp horrifying his wife (in back) and mother-in-law as he gobbles down breakfast in a most uncivilized manner, bending the silver and even eating shrimp and eggs with their shells on.