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101 Pages of Coloring Fun: A First Coloring Book for Kids and Toddlers

A nice long book of coloring pages specially for young kids! This is my first coloring book. It’s available on Amazon and other online stores. You can also request it at any bookstore to order it for pickup.

101 Pages of Coloring Fun: a First Coloring Book for Kids and Toddlers

101 pages of coloring fun: a first coloring book for kids and toddlers

Book details:

This fun-filled coloring book with over 100 original illustrations is perfect for toddlers and young children, boys and girls. Simple, whimsical, line drawings of easily recognizable subjects will keep your little ones happy and creative.

101 Pages of Coloring Fun is packed with everything kids love: adorable animals of all kinds, princesses and dancers; sea, jungle, dinosaur, and birthday party scenes; a mermaid and unicorn; horses, buildings, ships, outer space, a rainbow, toys, bugs, tools, and even a BIG caterpillar that crawls around the page!

We’ve included popular features such as:

• Chunky black lines for easy coloring

• Dashed lines to make every page easy to cut out and display if desired

• Backsides of images are blank to avoid marker bleed

More features:

• Illustrated bookplates in front and back with room for kids to write a name in

• Four big two-page spreads in the back for double-size fun!

• Bonus coloring pages!

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Profile of me on fellow doodler’s site

A very nice fellow artist named Robert Nesbitt, who lives in Wales and has a blog called Doodlums, happened to find me via search and we had a laugh about the similarity of our blog names. He covers many arts and illustration topics on his site and profiles illustrators, and he kindly offered to do a writeup of me.

I can’t turn down on opportunity for international exposure, so I took him up on it. The result is a profile of me with a UK flair–how cool is that? He was really nice to post some of my illustrations, book covers, and photos. So if you feel like seeing a bit about me from a new perspective, here’s the article, and check out his blog, too!