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children's book illustrations Hello, Thank you for visiting this page. Here is a link to my portfolio. Here is a downloadable PDF tear sheet. And there’s more art and other stuff on my blog. I’ve tentatively named the blue warthog Horribilina, because she thinks everything is horrible. Nothing pleases her. She won’t join in any animal games in school, so the other kids give up on her. Sam Porcupine has given up on the other kids, because no one wants to play with him. He’s prickly, plus, he’s a nerd who doesn’t understand simple toys and games. The two turn out to have a lot in common, and now Horribilina is known by her real name, Lena. Other picture book manuscripts available on request. A sampling:

Animal Humor

Dr. Knuckle and Mr. Hide (dummy) – An absent-minded pig doctor/scientist, trying to become more charismatic, accidentally turns himself into a wolf under a full moon in Got Ham City. He must resist eating pigs. He ends up joining a wolf pack and having the time of his life… until he learns their real plan. Moosecapades! Max is a moose who wants to skate. His fellow moose frown on the sport, but with a little convincing, they are slipping and sliding all over. (see art below) Dudley’s Junk Shop – Dudley, a hippo, is a wacky inventor, and a noisy one. Gertrude Terwilliger demands total silence and that he shut down the shop. Dudley takes all his stuff and makes one last invention–but what does it do? Annabelle, the Cleanup Goat – Annabelle, obsessed with cleaning, gets a job as a cleanup goat. She’s not as competent as she’d hoped, and when she gets fired, her journey takes an unexpected turn. Environmental theme.

Human Humor

Scary Mary’s Apothecary. Scary Mary is an eccentric woman who runs an apothecary with all kinds of cures. One day she catches a cold. Nothing in her store works, so she asks her animal friends for a cure, then the doctor. They all catch her cold, which spreads and spreads, until her grandmother comes to town.  This is a “catching a cold” book about the need for patience and love when it comes to getting better.


My Jiu Jiu and Jiu Ma (My Aunt and Uncle)- A young Chinese-American girl meets her aunt, uncle, and other relatives in China. This is somewhat autobiographical, as my mother is Chinese and I lived in Beijing for a year and met many relatives. The girl can’t speak Chinese and doesn’t feel at home at first, indeed is slightly afraid of the new place. Then she meets other children and is welcomed by her family until she forgets she’s away. A Single Shovel – A young man in China leaves his parents and skeptical siblings to build his own life, starting out with just a shovel. Gently humorous tale inspired by the true story of a relative. All manuscripts available upon request. Link to portfolio again: click here. My art is both funny and depicts emotion, my writing is humorous with universal themes and kid appeal. Would love to work with you to make great children’s books. My address: vicky@doodlesoop.com   Art from Moosecapades! picture book art