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Best free portfolio sites for illustrators

This is a new section of my blog and I will be adding more resources.

The following are FREE online portfolio sites where you can post your illustration portfolio. I have chosen these because they have sections for  illustration. Some of these have a paid option as well. These are places art directors go to find illustrators. There are many paid sites as well, but can’t go wrong with free! These are the best free portfolio sites for illustrators that I have found.

Some of these sites are not only valuable for illustrators, but for fine artistss, writers, designers, and film and video artists.

When you are promoting yourself, you want to have a strong Web presence. I don’t recommend putting your portfolio on every single one of these sites; pick the ones that you think will attract the clients you’re aiming for. Remember that posting your work, while important, should be combined with other marketing too, such as postcards and networking.

Happy posting!

———————— (5 free images) (unlimited free images and galleries, making it one of the best free portfolio sites for illustrators) (one free image and link) (not geared toward children’s market) (has free text-only listing)