Monthly Archives: November 2012

I have four pieces in the show MOTHER GOOSE RE-IMAGINED at the Flinn Gallery  in Greenwich, CT. (Oh, how that name reminds me of growing up in a preppy town!) This is group show put on by the Children’s Book Illustrators Group (CBIG). The opening is on Dec. 6, 2012! Both my framed art and matted prints are for sale at very reasonable prices–contact me or the gallery for info. More about the show here on the CBIG site.

I had a great time trying to interpret (both in art and looking for the meaning of) some fairly obscure Mother Goose rhymes. This one is called “The Tailors and the Snail” and it goes:

Four and Twenty Tailors
Went to kill a snail;
The best man among them
Durst not touch her tail;
She put out her horns
Like a little Kyloe cow.
Run, tailors, run,
Or she’ll kill you e’en now.

I love the idea of a snail getting even, but I think the deeper meaning is to show the foolishness of aggressive, violent action.

I’ll post my other pieces in the following weeks.