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The Unwritten in picture books: free Webinar

Just thought I’d link to this free Webinar, The Unwritten, starring editors Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson. They’re offering a class in picture book writing that sounds pretty good! Interesting Webinar points out the subtext in picture books using A Snowy Day (and there have been lots of those this year!). Click for the Webinar.

Just as in art, the negative space shapes your painting, in writing, the pauses and what’s left unsaid give meaning to your words. It’s not just about showing what’s unsaid in the illustrations, because not everything is shown in those, either. The most effective writing (for adults, too) taps into the reader’s body of knowledge and subconscious mind and lets the reader fill in the gaps.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about subtext.

It’s a key concept in effective writing for any age.

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