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Thanks to John Kremer’ Book Marketing Tips, I have the opportunity to participate in Noah St. John’s blog tour to promote his new book, Afformations, and in return, Doodle Soop (tha’s me) gets a link back via his blog tour page.  I did an email interview with him. If you read the book or the free chapter you can get from his site, you will learn that afformation are a new type of affirmation in which instead of making a positive statement, you ask yourself a positive question. For instance, with  an affirmation you might say,”Today is a perfect day” (even if it’s not, the idea is that if you believe it, it will come true. Sadly, this does not always work). An afformation would ask, “Why is today a great day?” Then you yourself would answer the question, thus giving yourself a roadmap to making it a perfect day.

As artists we need to practice positive thinking. Besides doing Afformations, please check out the Afformations book site, as it’s a great example of book marketing.

Without further ado, here is the interview:


Because of the nature my blog, I’d like to focus on Afformations as it relates to artists and writers. How can Afformations help artists and writers with their creativity?

Afformations are empowering questions that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive. Afformations are all about helping a person understand who they are and the value they bring to the world. Many artists and writers don’t understand their own value and therefore, sell themselves short. Afformations can help you realize your true value and start getting paid what you’re worth.

For example, George from Texas was one of our clients who came to us after he’d been working 80 hour work weeks and was near the point of exhaustion. After using Afformations, George started his own business and is now on track for $6 million in annual sales.


Do you believe in the inner child?

I believe most adults are carrying around a lot of what I call “head trash” that keeps them stuck.


How can Afformations help people overcome the negative messages of their childhood?

Most people are unconsciously going around asking themselves negative, disempowering questions like, Why am I so stupid? Why am I so fat? Why can’t I lose weight? Why can’t I make more money?

When you ask lousy questions, what do you get? Lousy answers. And that creates a lousy life.

Afformations are empowering questions that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive – by changing your beliefs about yourself and your relationship to the universe.

This in turn allows your mind to focus on what’s RIGHT about you, rather than continue to focus on what’s WRONG with you.


Rejection is the norm in the publishing field and one has to be tough. Can Afformations help with handling rejection?

Thousands of people have written to me from around the world, thanking me for giving them “the missing piece” to an abundant lifestyle and helping them overcome rejection.

For example, Susan from California came to us “penniless” (her word) and $56,000 in credit card debt. She had also spent tens of thousands of dollars on every “self-help” program out there, but was definitely struggling.

She heard about Afformations from a friend and decided to try it. In less than 6 months, Susan had found a job as a TV producer for a national television show, built a six-figure income, and has just finished writing her first book.


Motivation is key for any artist. Does your book help with motivation?

The word motivation comes from the Latin word movere, which means “to move”. That is also the root of the word motor.

Think about motivation like driving your car. Most people are driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake. Just as they start to get close to success, they subconsciously sabotage themselves and slam on the brakes!

That’s one reason The Book of Afformations contains more than 2 dozen real-life case studies of people who’ve used Afformations to grow their business, make more money, and finally find the freedom and happiness that had eluded them all their lives.


What if your day-to-day life competes with your creative time. Can Afformations help you compartmentalize?

While they’re enormously important to change your life and get the results you’re looking for, Afformations are just one of the pieces of my Power Habits System where I teach The Power Habits of Multi-Millionaires.

One of the Power Habits is to Master Your Systems. We don’t live in the Information Age; we now live in the Information Overload Age. That’s one reason most people are so easily distracted and feel overwhelmed with too many choices. And that’s why it’s so important to Master Your Systems, particularly by actively turning off the Internet during creative times.


Artists and writers don’t just want commercial success, we want to make a difference. Can Afformations make you look deeply into yourself, and at the world and nature, so that you can make a meaningful contribution through your art?

You’re right, money is not the reason most artists do their art. It’s the desire to, as Steve Jobs said, “put a dent in the universe.” I call it to leave a lasting legacy.

That’s why it’s important to focus on what you want in terms of commercial success, but also focus on the difference you want to make with your art or whatever you do.

What you focus on, grows. That’s one reason Afformations are so effective and so powerful – because rather than continuing to beat yourself up and listen to your head trash, Afformations will help you realize that you are far more powerful than you think.

Thank you so much, Mr. St. John. It has been an honor having you here!






About Noah St. John

Noah St. JohnNoah St. John is famous for inventing Afformations® and creating customized strategies for fast-growing companies and leading organizations around the world. His sought-after advice is known as the “secret sauce” for creating breakthrough performance.

Noah’s books have been translated into ten languages and he appears frequently in the news worldwide, including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, National Public Radio, PARADE, Woman’s Day,, Los Angeles Business Journal, Chicago Sun-Times, Washington Post, Bottom Line/Personal, Selling Power and The Huffington Post.

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